• January - 22

Keep Calm & Carry on holidaying, says Cheapflights

Andrew Shelton, Managing Director of global flight search and travel deals website, Cheapflights.co.uk said:  

“Today’s Referendum result will throw the spotlight onto many benefits British travellers have taken for granted for years, including the agreements which created the environment for the budget airlines to thrive and kept airfares low across the board and encouraged the free movement of people, a currency deal that has made the Eurozone so cheap to visit for years, the end of mobile data roaming charges, and free healthcare within the EU.   

“Nobody could predict the outcome of the Referendum, and we now face an uncertain future of speculation and renegotiation. Those who have thought ahead and conducted thorough scenario planning for this eventuality are those who are best placed to navigate this new pathway – although we fear few will have done so given today’s shocked reactions.  

“Holidaymakers shouldn’t assume that Brexit means all that will be lost. The UK travel market is vital to the economy of many European countries and regions. It will be in their interests to seek ways to maintain the status quo. The Government must now work hard to secure deals with the EU that support our vibrant industry and we believe maximum effort will be going in from all sides in the coming months and years to ensure the UK cash cow isn’t put out to pasture.

“The most significant short-term impact for holidaymakers will be the currency shock – those who have already booked a holiday in Europe this summer will be concerned that their pound will not go as far. We have to hope that the steep downward fall we saw this morning settles itself as the news sinks in.

“We found that there is a significant degree of pent-up demand among holidaymakers as people waited to see which way the vote went before booking their holiday, which we expect to be released – perhaps not immediately – now that the outcome is known. Yes, some holidaymakers will be deterred from booking by the falling pound overnight. But the British traveller has proven time and time again that nothing will stand in the way of them having their hard-earned holiday. Longer term, our industry must pull together to protect and preserve the service we deliver to our customers, and our intrinsic value.”

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